About us

Tresordargent.com is home of Trésor D’argent, a record label run by Arjen Schat and Rik de Voogd. Our aim is to release the creative output of Arjen on vinyl , adding collectors value with each release by maintaining a high production quality in very limited quantities.

The name “Trésor D’argent” is French for “silver treasure” , it originates from Arjen Schat:  Arjen in French sounds like “argent“, which means “silver“. Schat is Dutch for “trésor“, meaning “treasure“.

Arjen Schat

Arjen Schat has been tailoring the ‘Berlin-school’ sound to his unique sonic identity since 2006, which can be described as sequential ambient music, characterized by its emphasis on complex polyrhythmic sequencing and extensive use of analog synthesizers.

With over 100 releases, appearances, remixes, and collaborations on almost every imaginable form of media, Arjen has been active in the field of electronic music under numerous monikers since the late ‘90s. The music released under his birth name came to life when he started to build up his studio and accumulated more synthesizers. Much of the equipment he uses has been demonstrated on his YouTube channel in either a product video, or a full fledged studio session. These videos gained attention of fellow artists, manufactures, and fans alike, and are considered to be a corner stone of his musical career.


Rik de Voogd

With his motivation and energy, Rik is the driving force behind Trésor D’argent. Leaning on a broad taste in music, he has over twelve years of experience in performing as a DJ, and has been expanding his knowledge in analogue production techniques as well. As a former IT consultant working on large marketing projects for major international accounts, Rik has a keen eye for combining technology, creativity, and skill. Some perfect characteristics for running a record label.